The homes of our community

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While more established student housing co-ops tend to own their property, we are a very young organization, and all of our houses are rented from local landlords while we build capital to eventually purchase our own house. Our houses are split between two neighborhoods: Calvert Hills and Berwyn.

Calvert Hills

These houses are all within three blocks of each other. Downtown College Park is a ten-minute walk away, as is the College Park station on the Washington DC Metro Green Line. The #104 College Park Metro is a free shuttle bus that runs frequently throughout the day from the station to the Stamp Student Union at the center of the UMD campus, the #122 Green runs after 5:30 PM daily and all day on weekends, and downtown DC is about 25 minutes away by train.

Berwyn Heights

These houses are roughly a mile from the Calvert Hills houses, and aren't as accessible from the Metro. However, they are a 5-to-10-minute walk from shops on Route 1 and a 10-to-15-minute walk to the northeast part of campus - home to the engineering and computer science buildings. Free Shuttle-UM buses (#114 University View#117 Blue#125 The Circulator, and #132 The Varsity) run throughout the day from the neighborhood to various parts of campus.